About Us

Yankee Beauty salon is a creative hair and beauty salon. We provide professional services and a wide range of quality products to both European and Afro Caribbean origin. Along with that, we are an independent distributor of top line beauty specialists such as Mary Kay, Aloe Vera and many others.

Our mission is to create extra confidence and satisfaction into our customer's lives by adding more beauty to their natural outlook. Our motto is "forever bringing out the beauty in you".

YBS started in 2008 as a small home business in New Bradwell. After a year of running the business at home, YBS was able to expand and opened a salon in 2009. Since the launch of the salon, we have been growing from strength to strength. Our aim is to provide and advise our customers with latest trends and style in the hair and beauty industry.

The most remarkable yet overlooked aspect of hairdressing/beauty salon is the passion and spirit to assist customers with their hair and beauty. We are always looking for ways in improving our services and product range. We present exceptional, noteworthy tips to our customers to enable them to recreate the beauty and hairstyle at home.